What with the poor sales last year with the so-called AAA titles it does make you think now, GC, that each and every yearly title, including the likes of FIFA, is now going to have to step up their game instead of churning out sequel after sequel each and every year. I mean, surely now developers just realise the way forward is to innovate and make something new and better?

I did mention this only last year, whether Fortnite is eating into the profits of the new games, due to seeing my two teenage sons for the first time not want the latest FIFA or Call Of Duty or Battlefield. They just wanted the money spent on Fortnite! What with Apex Legends coming out and enticing what is it now 10 million people in just 72 hours online… I’m not saying for once this is going to be the future of gaming, where all companies are going to start releasing their brand new title for free, what I am saying is how on Earth can anyone release any kind of game these days in today’s market for £50 or so when you’ve basically got over 200 million players living and dying on Fortnite?

I personally think it’s a big wake up call for the likes of EA in the future. Maybe the likes of Rockstar, Nintendo, and Capcom can still charge full price for a game due to their quality and development. Maybe in the near future new games will just come down in price, I mean just look at all the Black Friday deals of all the new releases last year, did anyone really pay full price?

To compete now in today’s gaming marketplace, and sell in big volumes, I would say either make a cracking original game or at least make really innovative sequels or just drop the price down from the start of the first day of release.

GC: But Resident Evil 2 and Kingdom Hearts III – the year’s biggest games so far – are none of those things. Also, none of the big games you’re alluding to necessarily had poor sales, they just appeared (we can’t be sure because of the lack of figures) to sell less than last time.

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