What’s with all the puerile, catty comments in the Underbox of so many of the Inboxes? For years, decades even, I’ve known GC/Digi to be a pleasant, welcoming and friendly place, despite this the Underbox at times looks like a YouTube comment section with snideness running rampant.

Is it a statutory Facebook requirement that you have to a be a wazzock to everyone online or something? I’ve just read a great Reader’s Feature about beta tests (totally agree with the writer, as I’ve done the same myself with Monster Hunter: World and many others) where someone’s asking why someone else downloaded a Call Of Duty beta if they didn’t like the multiplayer, in an argumentative manner.

1) How is that your business? and 2) Why does it matter? No comment on the reader providing a good article for us to read, or any attempt to initiate some discussion on the points he made, just a passive aggressive attempt to cause aggro with quotation marks. I don’t like MOBA games in general, but I’ve downloaded a few and tried them as I’m always open to changing to mind if a game grabs my attention enough, is that a hard concept to grasp?

Say the sky is blue on GC lately and you’ll get five in the Underbox arguing it’s purple or a form of green. It’s a sad indictment of how nasty and lonely so many folk must be that they spend their time in comment sections picking holes and being negative. Heck, even Presidents and Prime Ministers are a it. I’m so glad I’m no longer on Facebook, it just appears to be infested with trolls that think they’re amusing. I just picture them all looking and sounding like Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons myself.

Feel free to abuse me in the Underbox, safe in the knowledge I can’t/won’t reply. I’d suggest taking a long hard look at yourself though before flaming the opinion of others or perhaps y’know, try and become a better person and be more positive instead of skimming Inboxes to find the one thing you can take digs at. It’s genuinely like a pack of bullies at times and the person that’s on the receiving end never seems to get involved.

The Internet is amazing at times and I’d be loath to lose it, but I do hate that it gives cowards behind screens the license to be downright rude when in reality they’d likely not have the courage in real life.

GC: The comments section has always been like that, it’s the Internet default. Which is what the Inbox is supposed to be a respite from. You can hide the comments by clicking the double vertical arrows to the right of where it says, ‘Add comment’; comments will then be hidden by default for every subsequent page you visit.

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