With E3 just a week away, it looks like Nintendo is gearing up for a massive show, with 21 unannounced Switch games recently popping up on GameStop’s database.

When I say these games are unannounced, I mean they’re not even given a name within the database yet, which is a nice change of pace when these types of leaks are usually “well, GameStop accidentally listed everything that’s going to be revealed at E3 this year.”

This news comes to us from Twitter user Sabi, who has been on the money with announcement leaks in the past.

Nintendo should already have a pretty big showing based on previously announced but still unleased titles alone, so it’ll be interesting to learn what games they still have up their sleeve. It’s unlikely any of these listings are, for example, Fire Emblem or the new Pokemon games. All of the known quantities already have placeholders in the GameStop database, which is leading folks in the follow-up tweets to speculate these are all (or at least most) unknown quantities.

And before anyone starts assuming these are all a bunch of indie titles, take a look at those prices. We’ve got one game for $39.99, one for $49.99, one for $89.99, one for $199.99 and the rest are the usual AAA price point of $59.99.

As Sabi suggests, there’s probably a bit of overlap here. For instance, the $50 game may be a “collector’s edition” of the $40 game. Similarly, the $90 game might be an enhanced version of a $60 game with a season pass of DLC bolted on. And that $200 game is likely a bundle of some sort, so it might be tied to one of the $60 games, and maybe even the $90 game as well. So, in the end, the actual number of unannounced Switch games looking to be revealed at E3 could be closer to 17 or so, but that’s still a surprising bump of big studio games for Nintendo’s latest console.

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