Tempted to pick up an Xbox One after seeing The Division 2 in action, or reading our review-in-progress? There’s the perfect deal on Amazon right now that might make up your mind. You can get an Xbox One X, The Division 2, Forza Horizon 4, and a new 3rd gen Echo Dot for £449.99. This shaves £74.98 off the retail price in total. If you’re looking for something cheaper, Amazon are running the same deal with an Xbox One S instead for £249.99, also saving you £74.98.

If you’re not sure which console you should go for, it mainly comes down to 4K. The X is the only Xbox model capable of playing games in ultra-HD 4K resolution, and it packs a load more horsepower as well for faster loading and slightly better visuals. Meanwhile, the S version still plays the same games but not in 4K. Want to future-proof yourself and see The Division 2 at its best? Go for the Xbox One X. If not (or for those without a 4K TV), go for the S.

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