Google Pixel 8 early leak reveals more details about the handset specs. See what else can you expect.

It has been only a few weeks since the Pixel 7 broke cover and leaks have already started talking about the Pixel 8. Yes, Google’s flagship phone for 2023-24 has already broken cover in the world of leaks. Based on a report, Google is apparently working on two new smartphones and the chipset details have already started leaking. No, we still don’t know how any of these phones look but we have a fair idea of what to expect. Spoiler alert, we even know the chipset that these phones could be using.

The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are expected to break cover sometime in October 2023, and Google could bring in a few upgrades over the existing models. For starters, the Pixel 8 could end up using a customised variant of the Samsung Exynos 2300 chip with the same 5G G5300 modem, which is already in use on the Tensor G2 chip, suggests the report from WinFuture. It doesn’t end there though – there’s more.

Pixel 8 early leak looks weird

While the chipset details are good enough, it is the display specs that look disappointing. Both the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro seem to have a lower resolution display panel when compared to their Pixel 7 series counterparts. That’s depressing considering that the Pixel 7 series phones have much better displays.

The report also clarifies a classic candybar style form factor, no fold or flip forms. Hence, the Pixel 8 generation may not get a foldable model.

Rumours suggest that these devices could also refer to the Pixel 7a and Pixel 7a XL. The Pixel 7a series is expected to break cover in late 2023 as a more affordable variant of the Pixel 7. With two models having varying display sizes, the Pixel 7a series could offer better value. These phones could use the same Tensor G2 chip and may have downgraded camera hardware. Similar to the Pixel 6a, the phones could have a plastic rear with a metallic frame and a 60Hz display.

At the moment, Google’s arsenal of the Pixel devices includes the Pixel 6a as the most affordable device. The Pixel 7 is meant for a premium segment whereas the Pixel 7 Pro will take on the likes of the iPhone 14 Pro as well as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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