Grand Theft Auto Online has several promotions and event bonuses this week, including boosts to salvage yard income. Rockstar Games has also shared an important announcement regarding the future of Rockstar Editor on older consoles.

This week, It’s time to take advantage of your Salvage Yard to boost your salvage yard income. If you don’t have a tow truck, you’ll be able to buy one, with a discount for members and get started once you’re on board.  

Salvage Yard robbery targets are also on the menu, so to speak, and you can team up with the cousins Amir to liberate a few vehicles in some high stakes Salvage Yard thefts. These operations are set to go from your Salvage Yard,and you’ll find more info there on the targets and your tasks.

Collection Time offers 2x GTA$ and RP. Within the time  limit, kill the opposing team, pick up all the bags that they drop, and hang on to survive and make it to the end. the team with the most points will win and everyone gets double XP and cash this week 

There are the usual variety of select discounts this week as well, if you are looking to build a more complete vehicle collection. 

Meanwhile, Rockstar Games is giving everyone on older consoles a heads up on the future of the Rockstar Editor and all clips and projects you might have saved. For those who play on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as of February 20th, the Rockstar Editor will no longer be available. This announcement means that if you are playing on an older console, you have about a month to export your projects. The editor will continue to be supported on pc, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|. 

See the Rockstar Wire for full details.

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