Heroes War: Counterattack is now Available for Mobile

Com2Us, the developers behind Summoners War : Sky Arena and Skylanders Ring of Heroes, have announced the release of their new game Heroes War: CounterattackHeroes War: Counterattack is set during at time when the world is thrown into chaos. Humanity is on the brink of collapse, and with a little over a third of the population having died or turned into monsters; sides have been drawn for survival.

The Player will be able to choose between two separate factions, the Union and the Harz. The Union is made up of unaffected humans who use their everything at their disposal to survive in this apocalyptic world. The Harz are a faction consisting of human mutants who have been affected by the outbreak. Individuals from the Harz faction wield superpowers through their mutations, both great and small, not knowing how they ever truly attained them to begin with.

In Heroes War: Counterattack the two factions battle for dominance in this chaotic world, but under the cloud of war lies a dangerous mystery. Heroes will rise during this time of crisis to answer the call and bring peace amidst this never ending cloudburst of war.

Once the Player has decided which faction they will choose; players will be able to experience the in-depth story chapters that accompanies each faction. The Player will also be able to jump into PvP to test their abilities in combat against their fellow players. The Player will be able to gain experience, rewards, and much more by jumping into dungeons and completing challenges that take place in the Battle Center.

With such an exciting story and mesmerizing visuals, players will have no trouble gaining a love for the game. Heroes War: Counterattack is currently available on both the IOS’s App Store and Android’s Google Play for free.

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