Hoa Review: Secrets of the Natural World (Switch).

Every child experiences a moment in their childhood when they wonder what it would be like to live among the earth’s tiny inhabitants. Imagine being able to jump over petals and befriend bugs. It was a simpler time when everything seemed at peace. It is a common habit for me to find solace in fantasizing about what my life would look like if I were a fairy. As a child, I believed there was another world to the naked eye. Skrollcat Studios has created Hoa, which allows players to see that world in real-time. You can see, I couldn’t contain my sheer excitement and adoration for this game for long.

Hoa’s puzzle-platforming game is absolutely stunning. It has everything you need, from a peaceful soundtrack to an entire cast of friends to make, and it is just perfect. The beautiful world of Hoa may be the perfect place for you if you are looking for a place to escape into that doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Have a look, and you will see why I think this game is so ethereal.

Hoa can be purchased on the Nintendo eShop and Steam for regional pricing. Pre-order a physical copy of Hoa, but no plans are currently in place for an EU release.

Story: Magic exists beyond our naked eyes

You wake up as Hoa, a tiny fairy who has landed on a small lifeboat. You are unsure of where you came from or why you’re here. However, you quickly get up and start your adventure. You will meet several forest dwellers during this time of exploration. They share their knowledge and experience with you before you begin the game. Even though it will be your first time waking up and hearing the stories of the past, you can’t help but feel connected with the characters who claim to have protected you.

Because I want you to see the entire story, I won’t mention any important elements. However, there are many layers to the story. You are smaller than the characters you meet along your journey, which brings a sense of innocence and childlike wonder to the game. This is well matched by the soft pastel colors of your surroundings. This character is best described as innocent. There are no negative connotations or intentions. The elders of the forest also suggest that you are pure of heart.

Hoa Review: Secrets of the Natural World (Switch).

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