With just two weeks left for release, PlayStation is leaking bits and pieces of information on Demon’s Souls’ remake. Originally released in 2009, Demon’s Souls is one of the best PlayStation exclusives ever. After 11 years, Sony and Bluepoint Games have come together to recreate the game for the next-gen PS5. The developers have already revealed the several upgrades in graphics and performance but it is not the end of the list.

In a recent video, PlayStation has revealed the music of Demon’s Souls:

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The music is the most iconic element in Demon’s Souls PS5 remake

As per Gavin Moore, Creative Director at SIE Worldwide Studios, Demon’s Souls’ music is iconic. Even in the absence of music, the game has an immersive sound design that forces the players to be engrossed in the atmosphere. Every slight movement, like the sliding of rocks, has its unique sounds that add to the frightening atmosphere. The music returns into the game in the most important scenarios, such as boss fights.

The creative director rightly said, “The sound scape is both atmospheric and frightening, immersing you in this brutal and beautiful world.

The sounds of Boletaria will haunt those who play Demon’s Souls

The original score for the Demon’s Souls soundtrack was written by Shunsuke Kida. The developers took inspiration from it and recreated the soundtrack for the PS5 remake. Unlike a lot of games, the Demon’s Souls soundtrack is the creation of a world-class orchestra. The developers preferred 120 of the finest musicians in the world over digital music, and the results are absolutely stunning.

Luckily, the original voice cast for Demon’s Souls has re-recorded the game’s dialogue for the remake, and it will be a delight for all the veterans. Also, the developers added thousands of fresh sounds in the game just to make it real and haunting.

“Will you go mad from the incessant beating of the heart and the haunting singing in the Tower of Latria? And how many of you will find courage in the face of the skin-crawling skitterings of the Armored Spider deep in the belly of Stonefang?”

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The soundtrack will release digitally on November 26, followed by a CD release by Milan Records. People can also enjoy the classic soundtrack on vinyl and the pre-orders begin from early December.

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