Let’s say you just made it past the Super Mario RPG Bundt (cake) boss fight in Marrymore, and you’ve returned to the Frog Sage to try and unlock the next area…and nothing happens. Well, you aren’t alone! Here’s how to unlock the next zone in the game (Star Hill).

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You need to deliver the Cricket Pie to the Frog Sage to unlock Star Hill

It’s insane that I completely forgot about this, having played Mario RPG since it came out, but you can miss something near the beginning of the game that stops the main quest from progressing. If you’ve returned to the Frog Sage and his only dialogue is about missing Mallow: you need to actually complete the Mallow storyline first (which is missable).

Go back to the Mushroom Kingdom (toward Mario’s Pad, where you started the game) and head into the item shop (denoted by a Mushroom icon) in the eastern portion of town. After entering the building you’ll immediately trigger a cutscene where the owner will provide you with a Cricket Pie (the same pie that Mallow wanted to buy).

Now, return to Tadpole Pond and meet with the Frog Sage. He’ll perk up, realize the party is there, and Star Hill will be unlocked on your map. Just head west beyond Marrymore and you’ll go back on the main story track.

It’s amazing to see this progression-related snafu still pop up all these years later in the remake!

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