How to update the PUBG MOBILE game, the most popular battle royale game, and steps to practice it on Android devices

The game of Peggy is one of the games that has recently spread widely around the world, which has become one of the favorite games for many people and friends, and this is due to the fact that it is a team fighting game that depends primarily on broadcasting the spirit of the group so that the team can win, recently he wondered Many players of the Peggy Mobile game talked about how they can update the PUBG Mobile game, and this is what we will talk about in this article.

Update the game PUBG MOBILE

After the company that produced the game of Peggy reported that there were new updates in the game, many PUBG players initiated an update, and it can be updated by following the following steps:

  • If you are a user of Android phones, go to Google Play, while if you are an iOS user, enter through the App Store.
  • Type PUBG MOBILE in the search field.
  • After that, the 7 GB game will appear.
  • Click on the word to download the game PUBG MOBILE.

What if I failed to download the new update for the game PUBG?

You must make sure that your mobile phone has a space that enables you to download the PUBG Mobile game, you have to make sure that the game is loaded in the internal card of the device and not in the external phone card, and please pay attention that the system for operating the device is updated, the game needs 4 GB space Bytes on the mobile phone, in addition to all this, please have a good internet connection so that you can update or update the game easily and without difficulties.

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