PUBG Mobile India has been in the news ever since September 2020 primarily due to hypes created by the gamers who are very addicted to the game. Ever since PUBG Mobile India was banned in September 2020, there has been plenty of teasers about the game making a comeback. In November 2020, around the time of Diwali, there was a teaser that PUBG Mobile India was making a comeback around the New Year Time. PUBG Mobile India apparently released some dummy links to be tested but nothing came out of it. However, all hopes of a New Year relaunch were dashed when the Government of India bluntly stated that no permission has been given to PUBG Mobile India to launch in the country.

However, the situation of spreading fake hypes on social media did not stop even after the government declaration. One Twitter user, who is also a massive PUBG Mobile India influencer by the name of @maxtern, had stated that there would be a major announcement between January 15 to January 19 regarding the relaunch of PUBG Mobile India. However, the user had stated that if this information was false, then he would delete his Twitter account. What is the current situation? The information that the PUBG Mobile India influencer peddled was fake and his Twitter account has been deleted.

No launch for the near future

PUBG Mobile India has not yet gotten permission from the Government of India to relaunch back in the country. There has also not been any major statement released by the government of India or PUBG Mobile Corporation about the relaunch. This is to make it clear. Unless there is an official statement from the Government of India or PUBG Corporation, all news linked to relaunch and APK downloads are fake and not genuine. Only if the government gives out a statement about PUBG Mobile India’s relaunch, only that information will be considered genuine. 

PUBG Mobile India is targeting a launch on March 2021 but that will depend only if the situation between the Government of India and China improves. Until and unless the ban under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act 2000 remains, there will be no relaunch possible. Gamers are requested to not fall prey to fake news and misinformation spread by PUBG Mobile India influencers.

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