The Xbox One X.
  • The next generation of Xbox console could come out in
    2020, according to journalist Brad Sams.
  • It is apparently codenamed “Scarlett,” and is described
    as a “family of devices.”
  • Microsoft did not deny the report and gaming boss Phil
    Spencer said this week that the company is “deep” into work on
    new Xbox consoles.

The next generation of Xbox console, codenamed “Scarlett,” could
be released as early as 2020,
according to journalist Brad Sams,
writing in tech news website Thurrott.

Sams claims that after he was “tipped off” about the console, he
was able to view documents that “highlighted several unannounced
Microsoft products that are coming in the next two years.”

Although he is unspecific about these products, Sams states that
rather than just being a single console, “Scarlett” is, in fact,
a “family of devices,” hinting at multiple hardware releases to
come from Microsoft.

Sams also speculates that the “Scarlett” devices will be able to
run current-generation games, and that they will align with
Microsofts planned game-streaming services.

Microsoft did not deny the report when contacted by Business
Insider. “Our hardware teams are architecting the future of Xbox
consoles and we will once again set the bench for console
gaming,” a spokesperson said. “This is a journey and we have
nothing further to share at this time.”

At gaming conference E3 this week, Microsoft Executive President
of Gaming Phil Spencer said the company is “deep into
architecturing the next Xbox consoles.” He added that cloud
engineers are currently working on a “game streaming network to
unlock console gaming on any device.”

Microsoft’s last console, the Xbox One X, was released in
November 2017. However, the One X doesn’t qualify as
next-generation, essentially being a more powerful 4k-capable
version of the Xbox One, which was released in 2013.

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