The first thing I need you to know about Jingoku is that I’m bad at Jingoku. The second thing is that I’m still going to be playing a lot of Jenga and the accompanying minigames, because it’s that impressive. And because it has a leaderboard, which will help me prove when I’m improving. Eventually. Hopefully.

Jingoku was developed in only 72 hours by indie developer Buried Things for the Ludum Dare 49 game jam, resulting in a bunch of surprisingly polished minigames. In it, you’re playing a solo game of virtual Jenga. For each brick you remove, you’ll have a few seconds to complete a WarioWare-style minigame. Your goal is to win as many minigames as possible before your Jenga tower topples. It’s a goal I’ve been reattempting a lot.

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