Well, if you were expecting DOOM and DOOM II to be just nostalgia-filled experiences, Bethesda and id Software are taking things one step further with today’s major update for both games, adding in megaWADS including The Final DOOM and John Romero’s megaWAD, SIGIL.

In the latest update for the console releases of DOOM and DOOM II, Bethesda, id Software, and associated teams have been hard at work in order to bring some highly requested features to the game. One of the largest being the ability to support both WAD and megaWAD add-ons, allowing fans to expand upon their previous experiences with the game.

This means that all WAD and megaWAD files do have to be curated by id Software, ensuring that they will work. Along with the addition of WAD and megaWAD support comes the ability to also enjoy the original 4:3 aspect mode, 60 FPS support, Quick Save, Quick Load and the ability to choose what levels/maps you wish to choose.

Even the weapon carousel has made its way here, allowing fans to cycle through the weapons they want on the fly. If a level’s too dark, that’s fine, the ability to choose a level or overall brightness has been added into the games themselves, allowing you to see in some of the harder to see areas.

To experience the megaWAD and WAD files, you will need to create a account to experience some of the biggest features, which we do suggest you go check out SIGIL and give the latest chapter in the classic 1993 title a whirl.

Meanwhile, DOOMDOOM II, and DOOM 3 are available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch. DOOM and DOOM II are available on Android and iOS as well. You can check out the full patch notes here.

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