Some cool mobile news for KartRider Rush+ as it’s getting a new LINE FRIENDS character in collaboration with Jisoo from BLACKPINK. Jisso is apparently a big fan of the game, so having her own character in it has got to be a boon as it will appear alongside other in-game items that have been created by the singer. According to the press release, she is apparently involved with the entire creative process from the formation of the character all the way down to defining who it is with personalities and quirks. The character wasn’t entirely revealed yet, but it will be released as part of the March 19th update for the game. We hgave more info about it below.

Jisoo at LINE FRIENDS flagship store in Gangnam in South Korea. Photo courtesy of Ketchum.
Jisoo at LINE FRIENDS flagship store in Gangnam in South Korea. Photo courtesy of Ketchum.

This three-way collaboration between LINE FRIENDS, Nexon, and Jisoo is the first global project to kick off since LINE FRIENDS concluded a strategic partnership with the global gaming titan NEXON last year in a bid to diversify the global IP business of the popular racing game, KartRider, with 17-year history. The mobile version, titled KartRider Rush+, launched in May of 2020, spawning a viral sensation with the number of worldwide users surpassing the 20 million-mark in cumulative. LINE FRIENDS has been creating new character IP in close collaboration with Jisoo by combining her unique creativity with its expertise in character creation and IP business. Jisoo is known to have actively participated in the entire process, from drawing sketches to detailing the characteristics, preferences and values of the new character. Furthermore, as part of this year’s three-way collaboration, LINE FRIENDS and Jisoo are joining forces to design new in-game items inspired by Jisoo’s companion animal. As Jisoo is widely known to be an avid fan of KartRider herself, Millennials and Generation Z worldwide are looking forward to the new major update to come on KartRider Rush+ starting March 19. 

“This collaboration with Jisoo and Nexon comes especially meaningful as we were able to fully embody our unrivaled expertise in IP business and creative design as recognized in our previous collaborative work for BT21 (character IP co-created with BTS), WDZY (character IP co-created with ITZY) and TRUZ (character IP co-created with TREASURE), as well as Brawl Stars (3v3 multiplayer and battle royale mobile game developed by SUPERCELL),” says LINE FRIENDS. “Going forward, we will set new grounds in the IP business through our unique set of character IP co-created with Jisoo and strengthen tie with KartRider to enhance our competitiveness in the gaming and entertainment industry-at-large.”

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