The announcement of Sifu was the surprise highlight of the week for me. It’s a kung-fu brawler coming later this year from Sloclap, the studio behind excellent online fighting game Absolver. In some ways, Sifu looks similar to that game, but the trailer leaves a lot of questions: Is it singleplayer only? How does the combat work? What’s with the aging system? Sifu executive producer Pierre Tarno wouldn’t answer all my questions, but did share several key details this morning, including the identity of a real kung-fu master who’s helping with the game.

First of all, Tarno confirmed to PC Gamer that Sifu will be entirely singleplayer. The Sloclap team will do more online projects in the future, he said, but for this one, they wanted to “put all the development efforts in the gameplay” without having to worry about the technical complexities of online game development. The result is a “linear adventure” that’s as inspired by martial arts movies as the trailer’s straight-out-of-Oldboy hallway suggests. 

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