It’s no secret now that Sony has been whittling away at the next era of it’s at home gaming console PlayStation, but other than that, details on the release are non-existent. While fans grow restless, a leak has sprung from within the company that suggests the first official announcement about the next-gen console will be happening. And sooner than expected.

Taking heed from a leaked internal Sony email, the leak points to a scheduled event titled ‘PlayStation Meeting 2020.’ The meeting is taking place on February 13 and it’s at this meeting that the company are planning on revealing “the future of Sony PlayStation.” It’s worth noting that it was also in the February of 2013 that Sony announced the PlayStation 4, with the unit going on sale later that year.

Adding even more substance to the leak is the revelation that Sony has begun sending out Save The Dates to key third parties including Activision, EA, and Ubisoft, via GamesRader, offering them the opportunity to attend ‘PlayStation Meeting 2020’ to peddle their latest next-gen gaming wears.

The meeting will also see PlayStation exclusive titles including Ghost of Tsushima, which was announced for PS4 back in 2017 before hitting radio silence, and the eagerly awaited The Last Of Us Part II, will also be heavily discussed. Fingers crossed we get some concrete release dates on those titles once and for all.

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