For the most part, the LG 27GN850 hits the sweet spot between high-end gaming and price. The only other monitor that can challenge LG in the colour department is its own home rival Samsung. IPS panel and all, this 27in has decent blacks and punchy contrast. It’s still a gaming monitor at heart, so take this with a pinch of salt and don’t expect your workflow to look as majestic as the Apple Pro Display XDR. For that, LG has other monitors for those types of workloads. 

The monitor can upscale low-resolution content but if you’re hooked to a PC, we suggest you use the whole thing in 2K only. LG’s software is a bit over the place and the Fast, Faster and Normal modes for the response time are essentially adjustments to response time. The Faster mode allows the LG to achieve 1ms of response time and deliver better performance for competitive, multiplayer and shooter games. It’s still not the fastest monitor around and some TN panels will offer better performance but unless you stick your eyeballs to the pixels and game like the next big prize is one strafe peek away, you won’t notice a huge difference. Kudos to LG for getting the IPS quality to 1ms!

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