League of Legends’ K/DA group began as a series of cosmetics representing an in-universe music group, but it’s now grown far beyond the boundaries of the game itself. Music videos, follow-up hits to their initial breakouts that topped download charts, and new band members have made K/DA a known quantity to many even if you don’t play League any more or haven’t ever played before. Considering the success of the group and its presence so far, it should be no surprise then that the K/DA collection of gear from Logitech G is equally impressive where both style and function are concerned.

While most collaborations like these produce a few noteworthy products with a few “add-ons” to tempt people who might want to add something else to their shopping cart, each of the six pieces of gear that make up Logitech G’s K/DA collection is worth eyeing if you need some new accessories. The complete collection consists of a keyboard, a wired mouse, a wireless mouse, an over-the-ear headset, a pair of gaming earbuds, and an XL mousepad. The earbuds are part of a new line of products from Logitech G while the other products are reskinned versions of Logitech G’s preexisting gear to create a cohesive theme.

Logitech G sent ComicBook.com the full K/DA collection ahead of its release that expanded to North America and other regions and also added the earbuds, and we shared some initial thoughts on the gear when it first became available to purchase this year. After spending more time with all the items, some opinions have changed for the better with more on each product below along with some advice on which you should look into getting if you’re undecided. You can browse the full collection here to see each piece in detail.

League of Legends Logitech G KDA
(Photo: Logitech G)

Had the PRO K/DA gaming keyboard been released early last year, I’d probably be writing a different review of it. But like many people who’ve adapted their home computer setups to fulfil requirements for both gaming and working, a gaming keyboard isn’t always the most viable option when a full-size keyboard might be more comfortable for extended, hybrid usage. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it might not be the most convenient option depending on your needs.

If you are in the market for a gaming keyboard, however, PRO K/DA is a superb option. The feedback of the mechanical keys feels and sounds snappy and satisfying, and the easy connect-and-go nature of the device makes it a viable secondary or mobile device if you’ve already got your setup in order. Mostly white with one side ending in b lack, the whole keyboard is adorned with a fragmented K/DA design, the group’s logo, and its signature crown symbol. After using it for a few weeks and combining it with Logitech G’s software that allows you to configure the lights illuminating the keys, the PRO K/DA keyboard felt like a much more convenient and viable option than it did initially.

The G733 headset from Logitech G is one you’ve likely seen before whether it’s been spotted in ads, in your favorite content creators’ streams, or if you have one yourself. Stylistically, it’s very much a “gaming” headset in the sense that if you pictured an archetypal gamer character wearing a headset, it’d probably look like this one.

It’s a bit bulky compared to some other headset options, but it’s also remarkably comfortable thanks to the cushioned earpieces and the adjustable headband. The headband itself looks a bit out of place at first glance, but it’s a useful component when it comes to long gaming sessions. The configurable RGB lights are a nice touch when you need to freshen up the look every now and then, but they can be a bit distracting if you’re prone to gaming at night since they emit forwards from each earpiece. The G733’s sound is crystal clear and informative across a spectrum of games, and while it’s not marketed as a noise-cancelling devices, it muffles outside noise to a comfortable degree.

The K/DA influences are less evident in this device compared to other pieces of the collection, but it’s hard to beat a white and black headset when it comes to versatility. It lasts for a long time without needing charging and connectivity was a breeze with consoles and PCs alike which alone makes it an attractive and affordable option for a wireless headset.

Logitech G KDA G502
(Photo: Logitech G)

Along with the keyboard, the G502 HERO mouse has one of the best K/DA designs the collection has to offer. Featuring a white, black, and blue design with grey lines forming a pattern matching the keyboard, the mouse offers plenty of space to move freely and contours snugly to your hand.

The extra mouse buttons on the left side of the mouse and beneath the mouse wheel stand out compared to the mostly black and white design, but configuring your lights to a matching color helps make the look more cohesive. Being able to change the DPI and lock the mouse wheel with the buttons is a significant feature, however, which means that you’ll rarely have to take your hand off the mouse at all.

It’s not a weighty out of the box as I would’ve liked, but it comes with extra weights you can add to it until it’s comfortable to you. It felt a bit flimsy compared to other options within the first few days of use, but it’s grown to be a surprisingly sleek and reliable accessory after weeks of use.

If any of the items included in the K/DA collection could be considered a statement piece, it’d be the G840 XL Mouse Pad featuring the full K/DA ensemble. From left to right, it features Akali, Evelynn, Ahri, Kai’Sa, and Seraphine all decked out in their latest K/DA attire.

That’s a whole lot of K/DA, so it should be no surprise to hear that the mouse pad looks best whenever you have some other K/DA gear around it. Using that with the smallish PRO K/DA keyboard makes for a perfect fit with plenty of room on either side for the rest of your setup.

Whether you’re looking to have the full K/DA group included in that setup or not, you should consider getting the non-K/DA version of the mouse pad anyway if you don’t already have one. I didn’t, and after using one for an extended period of time, a normal mouse pad would be challenging to get used to again. Until you’re reminded by the K/DA group staring back at you, you often forget the mouse pad is even there which is as much as anyone can hope for when looking for from that sort of product.

Logitech G KDA G333
(Photo: Logitech G)

Perhaps the most surprising piece from the whole collection was the K/DA version of the G333 gaming earphones. That’s the one new item from Logitech G’s lineup that was added to the K/DA collection only recently, and they’ve been wonderful to use so far.

They’re design is the simplest of all with a white, flat cord leading up to some blue and black around the earpieces themselves, and they pack some powerful sounds within their speakers. It features an in-line mic with volume controls on either side of it to easily adjust your settings mid-match.

I wouldn’t replace the G733 headset with these, but they’re useful in a pinch when your headset dies on you or you need something more mobile. They’re easy to use with a number of devices including console controllers, but they really shine when it comes to gaming on mobile devices or something like a Nintendo Switch. At only $49.99, they sound and feel like superb options to have in addition to whatever your main headset option is.

Finally, there’s the G305 mouse, the wireless compliment to the wired G502. It’s a slimmer option that inverts some of the designs of the G502 except for the area where your palm rests which remains entirely white aside from the Logitech G logo.

Wireless vs. wired is a personal preference depending on a number of factors including the space you game in and how often that space changes, but if you don’t see yourself swapping out your mouse often, the wired G502 seems like the better option. It has fewer buttons and doesn’t feel quite as sturdy as the G502, but it’s still a snappy, lightweight option. There’s nothing particularly wrong with the G305 by itself, but it doesn’t compare to the wired counterpart when it comes to style, function, and the overall feeling of the device.

The K/DA gear doesn’t come in a bundle, so unless you’re planning on picking up every single piece of the collection, you’re probably going to be prioritizing certain items to fulfil your needs. You’ll probably want to pick up at least two items as well to make sure the K/DA look has something to pair with, so which ones should you look to get?

Everyone’s needs will vary, of course, but if I were starting with a fresh gaming setup and needed some gear, I’d go with the PRO keyboard and the G840 XL mouse pad to start. The keyboard is sleek and satisfying regardless, and whether you get the K/DA mouse pad or a solid color, you’ll thank yourself later. If you’re adding onto the collection later, the wired G502 HERO mouse and the G733 headset seem like the way to go. That’d take care of your essentials with Logitech G’s gaming earphones and the wireless mouse serving as suitable accessory pieces later if you want to complete the set.

To keep up with the K/DA collection’s stock to see what’s available and when, you can keep tabs on the landing page for all the items.

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