Welcome to Lost in Random, the dark and twisted fairy tale, anything can happen if the dice roll. Along with your girlfriend Daisy, you will fight strong enemies as you travel through the six dark regions of Random with the aim of saving your sister from an evil queen. Collect coins on your journey and exchange them for powerful cards. Send Daisy to freeze time in a deadly dice fight and play your cards rather than unleash terrifying attacks, skills, combos and more. As you travel deep into the heart of Random you will also encounter unpredictable residents and encounter daring quests.

In this lively action-adventure game by Studio Zoin, you will embrace or perish as you face each other in the giant board arenas that change with each roll of the dice. Join the brave Eve and her companion Daisy, they learn to play on odds and dive into the dark wonderland where only the brave survive.

Learn more: http://x.ea.com/63551

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