Teenage darts sensation Luke Littler has a daily routine that consists of waking up at 2pm and staying up until 3am.

World Darts Championship runner-up Littler took the sport by storm with his performances at Alexandra Palace at Christmas. And one would think a talent so prodigious adheres to a strict schedule and plenty of practice between tournaments.

But the reality is perhaps not what many fans will think after the 17-year-old gave some insight regarding his usual routine. And it’s a relief that despite his success at such an early age, ‘The Nuke’ still has licence to live like most teenagers have the option.

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He told the Daily Mail (via the Mirror): “I don’t know why but I am always up until, like, 2am or 3am on my Xbox. I wake up at 1pm or 2pm and I do the same every day. I might need to get into a routine of going to bed at a normal time – I never see the morning. I get up, I go on my Xbox.

“When I get bored of that, I go on the practice board, and when I get bored of that, I go back on my Xbox. I practice for maybe 20 minutes or half an hour just to keep my arm loose. I think a big thing was when we first went into lockdown I was doing four or five hours a day because there was nothing else to do.

How far will Luke Littler go in this season’s Premier League darts? Let us know in the comments section below.

Luke Littler celebrates after winning against Christian Kist
The Nuke has taken the sports world by storm

“Now maybe it is 20 minutes or half an hour. Because I have my talent I don’t really need to do silly hours again. The hard work paid off and I don’t need to overdo myself any more.”

Cheeky Littler joked after his nail-biting final at Alexandra Palace that he missed his games console, which he didn’t think to bring to London as he didn’t expect to go so far in the contest.

Luke Littler being interviewed
Littler’s daily routine will resemble a lot of 17-year-old schedules

Kebab-loving Luke Littler took the World Championships by storm. Now the teen sensation is taking his talents around the UK and Europe as he faces the big boys in the Premier League.

Venues will be packed out to see the new darting icon take on the biggest names in the sport – Luke Humphries, Michael van Gerwin, Michael Smith, Rob Cross, Gerwyn Price, Peter Wright and Nathan Aspinall over the next few months.

Our special Premier League preview charts Littler’s astronomic rise, turns the spotlight on his rivals for the coveted title, includes an exclusive column from James Wade, interviews with legends of the game, current Premier League players and PDC chairman Eddie Hearn – and it tells you everything you need to know about the tournament.


“I can’t wait to go back on my Xbox,” he confessed. “I didn’t bring it because I didn’t think I would get to the final. I only practice for half an hour a day, because I get bored and have my Xbox next to me.”

Sadly, it was Michael van Gerwen who got the best of Littler that week, snatching a tight triumph over our lad in Berlin. These two top dart players had a showdown in the Premier League after Littler had knocked out Luke Humphries and Rob Cross on his road to the ultimate stage.

Luke Littler poses for a photograph on the pitch at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff
The teenager hasn’t looked out of place on the Premier League stage

The Dutch champ bragged to Sky Sports: “I played really well – at the important moments I was able to keep pressure on my opponents. I feel good, I feel comfortable and there is more to come. It’s good [facing Littler in another final] and I hope we can keep it that way as well.”

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