( Sony will indeed launch PlayStation 5 in future but there’s no official word from the company. All the PS5 release date news updates you read are simply rumor-based, so it’s better we don’t stick to the rumors and focus on realistic facts.

Each new generation of console brings with it a different and new set of hardware and data processing capabilities. New, highly powerful CPU and GPU are obvious PS5 specifications even kids can predict. The video game industry has seen tremendous growth in terms of devices such as controllers, TVs, VR headsets, and drastic changes in the way we play games.

This is not just a coincidence that both Sony and Microsoft are fighting the biggest console war. The mid-generation consoles including PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim, Xbox One S and the upcoming Xbox One X are making it hard for customers to choose between the two brands. Sony, undoubtedly wins battle on many fronts, but Microsoft has rapidly recovered from the Xbox One launch issues, and now when the company is all set to launch the Xbox One X (previously known as the Project Scorpio), people are expecting Sony to bring a new generation console, which is undoubtedly going to be the PS4 successor, sooner than expected.

For numerous analysts and tech-enthusiasts, the gap between PS4 Pro and Xbox One X launch is a clear sign that PS5 will arrive soon. But since our focus here is to think beyond the release date rumors and speculations, here’s what we predict about the features, specifications and capabilities of the PlayStation 5.

There’s a big difference between launching a product in a completely new generation and launching products that work as a bridge between the current and next generation of consoles. We are in the age of smartphones where the leading companies introduce generation-bound products annually, and they also take some fresh devices to store shelves to accompany the big brothers.

Both Sony and Microsoft have been doing this by releasing mid-gen consoles. But when it comes to introducing a new generation console, the companies do not usually ditch the predecessors. The shelf life of every Sony PlayStation console is around 10 years. PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 were discontinued after completing their 10 years on shelves.

Now what we expect from Sony is that it won’t ditch backwards compatibility when the new console arrives. Just like how developers have kept developing games for both PS4 and its predecessor PS3. Sony also brought many PS3 titles to its classic PS4 console and to the Pro and Slim also. The PS5 will likely follow the same. Of course, the console will have to adopt the architecture of its successor to give this capability. We expect that Sony should definitely do this because to some extent, Sony’s library and its lineup of new games is full of titles people would not want to ditch when the new console arrives.

When we sit and think how PS5 games will look like, we can’t stop thinking about photorealism. If don’t know, photorealism is a level of graphics quality where it becomes really hard to distinguish between the machine-generated graphics and real life images. Industry analysts have already spoken about achieving photorealism with the current generation console and some developers believe that the hardware system we currently have in PS4 is capable of delivering life-like graphics. We understand that it is more about software capabilities now, but Sony has drawn a line with 4K support.

The worlds we see in video games are beautiful and they appear to be realistic. For example GTA 5. We have seen how Rockstar Games have used the power of hardware to design beautiful environments in their game. So when the PS 5 arrives, we must expect more dynamic worlds. Today we see unrealistic events taking place in these games, but with PS5, we hope to see more believable game settings and a realistic approach to the way things behave.

The PS4 is extremely online-focused and the content that runs on the platform is also the same. For example Destiny, which is a great example of digital, online-only game. Sony is doing its best to focus on digital-only games, but still we can’t replace the physical disks. With Play Anywhere, Microsoft has chosen the online-only path and it doesn’t seem impossible for Sony to go the same way. Can we expect the Sony PlayStation 5 to be a totally online-only console? This is how technology is growing. Can you imagine how much money developers and game publishers can save when there will be no physical disks?

One more thing we should not forget is Sony’s interest in artificial intelligence. After virtual reality, Sony is one of the companies interested in artificial intelligence. If you remember, the company introduced its own robot years ago. Now when Sony holds its shares in Cogitai, a company that works in the artificial intelligence domain, it is possible that we might see a console, the PlayStation 5, inspired by artificial intelligence.

Some people believe that the PS 5 release will take place sometime around 2019-20, and there are several reasons to justify such claims. What matters the most is the market condition. Sony won’t probably kill its PS4 Pro and Slim by rushing for a new hardware release. In fact, the company will likely wait to see the adoption of 4K TVs worldwide. Once the technology reaches a critical mass of video game lovers, it won’t delay announcing the PlayStation 5 release.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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