Two popular PC games are both free via the online stores of Steam and Epic Games, as it debuts the original “Metro 2033” survival horror genre, along with the strategy game of “Surviving Mars,” for a limited time only. Both gaming clients are known to debut free games monthly, as it offers these games to the world that are still limited to staying indoors.

Metro 2033

(Photo : Steam)

These titles are massive ones, especially with “Metro 2033,” whose original game sparked a massive franchise that easily became a fan favorite until today. 4A Games’ “Metro 2033” series is over a decade old now, but it still holds a massive spot in every gamer’s heart, being one of the top-grossing franchises and highly-rated ones in both Steam and Google.

Lockdown restrictions are still here and the COVID-19 pandemic is celebrating its first anniversary of plaguing the world with its health-threatening effects that have claimed the lives of million worldwide. Now that the vaccine is here, people are still advised to stay at home, and that means the public needs more free games from various platforms including PC gaming, 

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‘Metro 2033’ Free via Steam

Metro 2033

(Photo : Steam)

For this weekend, Steam is debuting a “Metro Sale” which includes the sequels of the franchise on various discounts and bundles to be purchased by gamers and play via the PC Gaming platform. On the other hand, the company is debuting a 100 percent discount or making the original “Metro 2033” free for anyone to download via the platform. 

Currently, there are four games from the “Metro” franchise, with the self-titled one “Metro 2033” released in 2010, followed by “Metro 2033 Redux” launched in 2014, “Metro Last Light Redux” in 2014, and “Metro Exodus” released in 2019. Only the “Metro 2033 Last Light” from 2013 was not included in the Steam sale, but it is still available on the platform. 

“Metro Redux” and “Metro Last Light Redux” both on an 80 percent discount from $10, now sells for $2, and “Metro Exodus” that is currently $11 from its original price of $31. “Metro” is a massive franchise on Steam PC, as it offers positive ratings from gamers with 9 out of 10 Stars and reviews that say “overwhelmingly positive” from its players.

‘Surviving Mars’ Free via Epic Games Store

Surviving Mars

(Photo : Epic Games Store)

On the other hand, Epic Games Store is offering a free game that features the town hall and strategy game from Paradox Interactive, “Surviving Mars,” which highly resembles “SimCity” on another planet. Here, users would have the chance to start a civilization on the popular Red Planet and be a Martian in the game, temporarily. 

The game is also a high-rated title from various reviews like Steam Star Ratings (9 out of 10), and Google reviews, giving it a 4.1 out of 5 ratings. Instead of paying for $30, Epic Games offers the game for free, along with several starter packs, bundles, and previous in-game purchases having discounts for as much as half of its price. 

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