Xbox Game Pass continues to roll out brand new games for its online subscription service and today, Microsoft has revealed the newest, upcoming additions that members will be able to play.

It’s a jam-packed month with many recognizable titles soon-to-be-available.

Dead Rising 4 is one of the standout inclusions as it follows the returning Frank West as he’s thrust into another shopping mall swarming with the undead.

It’s up to Frank to bludgeon, slice, burn and blow up all the zombies that are infesting that mall with any implements of destruction he can find and make.

Furthermore, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor will also be available for download and despite it now being a 5-year-old game, it still stands up to some of the best action games of this generation.

Offering an original story and following the exploits of Talion, Shadow of Mordor has the right amount of meaty combat with swords and bows, plenty of recognizable friends and foes and a satisfying story.

On top of these two games, PC users can also look forward to the smash-hit indie title, Undertale. A game that looks like it’s pulled straight from the 1980s and the brainchild of Toby Fox.

It boasts an impressive score of 92% on Metacritic and has won numerous awards for its excellent gameplay and story.

Here is the complete listing for the Xbox Game Pass titles for July:

  • Blazing Chrome – July 11
  • Dead Rising 4 – July 11
  • LEGO City Undercover – July 11 (Console only)
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor – July 4
  • My Time at Portia – July 4
  • Timespinner – July 11 (PC only)
  • Unavowed – July 11 (PC only)
  • Undertale – July 4 (PC only)

If you’re a newcomer to the world of Dead Rising, then why not check out our review for Dead Rising 4 to see what we made of it! If it doesn’t look like something you’d be interested in, then try Undertale instead and see why we praised it so highly.

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