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Imagine becoming Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao for a day.
That could be thrilling to most boxing fans.
Now, imagine playing through Pacquiao’s life story in a mobile game.
The possibility is just around the corner as “Fighting Pride: The Manny Pacquiao Saga,” a 2.5-D beat-’em-up sports-adventure mobile game that features the humble beginnings and road to boxing stardom of Pacquiao, is set for release in early 2021.
With the joint effort of OMG Inc. and Philippine-based indie game development studio Ranida Games, “Fighting Pride” came into creation, providing gamers and boxing aficionados three gameplay modes namely Story Mode, Historical Mode and Online PVP Mode.
Story Mode features opponents representing different social issues and personal challenges faced by Pacquiao as a rising boxing star while Historical Mode highlights the notable fights and world title bouts of the eight-division champion.
The PVP Mode connects players online with their respective versions of Pacquiao.
“From nothing to greatness, from the impossible to endless possibilities, Pacquiao’s life must be shared with all of us,” said OMG Inc. President Mike Ochosa, who first thought of the idea in 2018 to make a game instead of writing a book or creating a film.
“His story is compelling as well as inspiring. What better way to impart that sentiment to the world than through a mobile game app?”
Ranida Games CEO Ben Banta, for his part, said creating a game based on Pacquiao has been one of his dreams as a developer,  having been a witness to Pacquiao’s boxing journey at a young age.
“He’s not only served as an inspiration but also brought happiness and pride to a lot of people,” said Banta, who is also responsible for the creation of PBA Basketball Slam and BAYANI – Fighting Game developed by Ranida Games.
“And as a huge fan of beat ‘em ups, the continuous wave of action it offers while telling a story makes this a perfect genre through which to share his life story.”


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