Germany’s mobile games market generated €497 million ($589m) in revenue in 2017, according to German games industry association Game.

In a new report using data compiled by market research firm GFK it claimed that money from mobile game purchases and in-app purchases was up 21 per cent from the €409 million ($485m) reported in 2016.

IAPs on top

Of the €497m ($589m) generated in 2017, €481m ($570m) came from IAPs. The amount spent on purchasing mobile games outright fell from €17m ($20m) in 2016 to €16m ($19m) in 2017.

These figures do not appear to include advertising revenue, which can be substantial..

Overall the German games and hardware market grew 15 per cent to €3.3 billion ($3.9 billion) in 2017.

“Around 10 years after app stores were introduced on smartphones, the boom in game apps is still unbroken: game app revenue is approaching the half-billion-euro mark in Germany for the first time,” said Game MD Felix Falk.

“Free-to-play games are particularly popular: millions of Germans like to take advantage of the free offers and keep trying out new titles. If they enjoy a game, they are increasingly willing to pay for additional levels or to customise the appearance of their avatar.”

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