Driving can be a lot of fun. While many of us enjoy the comfort of a car, others might feel cramped. And we have all seen competitive car games. Why not try your hand at motorcycle racing? Participating in such a competition is possible. You can do it in the comfort of your own home with the game Moto GP 21.

You can find the game on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

A Managerial Career

Moto GP 21 game motorcycle racing

I’ve driven a scooter and ridden on the back of a motorcycle. But until I came across the game Moto GP 21, I’d never considered racing either. So seeing a title like this immediately had my attention. In addition to riding some of the fastest two-wheeled vehicles, I was able to start my (fake) career in motorcycle racing. As a racer, my responsibilities weren’t simply to participate in a high-stakes competition. Some of the other duties of a racer, such as petitioning for a contract with teams, were present as well. And it is a manager who would field offers to join a team. During test runs, my crew would also inform me of issues regarding the motorcycle. For a game like Moto GP 21, I found the career mode to be surprisingly in-depth. And this title on motorcycle racing one of the best career modes I’ve seen in a game.

How to Ride a Ducati

Moto GP 21 game motorcycle racing

Racing on a motorcycle is not easy. And Moto GP 21 is a game that does not like to forgive. Before ever setting foot near career mode, I made it a point to practice. And it was pretty amazing to go through a few trials. I learned enough that I felt confident I could at least place in the top 10 of the competition.

The controls were easy to get the hang of. The right trigger accelerated the rider and the left trigger hit the breaks. But despite getting familiar with them, it didn’t make things easier. I often found myself sliding into the turn and wiping out. Sure, it was frustrating racing on a motorcycle with so many spills. But I wasn’t about to give up. One of the most important things to remember was this: slow down into the turn, accelerate out of the turn. I was ecstatic the first time I was able to maneuver a tight turn.

Whether Moto GP 21 throws AI or other players into your game, crashes are inevitable. Maintaining distance from me and other competitors was a frustrating task. Just when I’d catch a great turn, I would see another racer’s tire nick my bike. Sometimes it would send us both flying. Other times, I was the only one to suffer for it. I’d recommend staying as far as one is able without sacrificing their place in the competition. When adding myself to a race, though, the 21 other competitors were a little intimidating. Crashes, unfortunately, increased in Moto GP 21 making the game even harder to win.

Career Mode is amazing for anyone looking to truly improve their ride. With a full team on your side, racing your Ducati motorcycle will greatly improve. With the proper research data gathered, the team can order parts to improve performance. Each system in the bike could be improved up to a certain point. Who doesn’t want to customize their vehicle?

Enjoy The View, Feel The Purr

Moto GP 21 motorcycle racing

It’s not easy to recreate models for any object in 3D space. Ducatis are more common among their place of origin than anywhere else. And they’re rare to see anywhere. But they’ve got a very distinct sound. And Moto GP 21 is a game that does the brand justice. I’ve only seen a Ducati once in life. And after playing, it was exactly the sound I remember. That subtle bit of realism made the game that much easier to get a sense of immersion.

I also appreciated the realism of how worn the tires became. If they became too fragile, it would affect my balance and speed. At one point, I decided to see what peeling out would do. Unsurprisingly, it wore down both tires to a point where I had to return to the pit. And the more worn the tires were, the worse they looked to the eye. More games should give attention to detail in a similar fashion.


Overall, Moto GP 21 was a wonderfully intense racing experience. The title offered multiple layers I had not seen since I last waded into the genre. While the game offers a rather steep learning curve, it was quite satisfying getting the hang of it. Some frustrations were definitely in order, but practice makes perfect, right? After enough ‘re-runs’, I was able to maintain a better lead with every subsequent run. If you’re a fan of motorcycle racing or simply want to experience the thrills of a motorcycle yourself, Moto GP 21 should have everything you could ask for!

Moto GP 21 is a motorcycle racing game, that puts you on the seat of a Ducati. Race in practice, quick play mode, and now a full Career Mode.


  • Realistic motorcycle sounds/visuals
  • Multiple play modes
  • Crisp graphics
  • Ability to customize motorcycle in career mode
  • The game provides aids during race or trial runs


  • Huge learning curve
  • Not much for the casual fan

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