I’ve been following the development of Narita Boy fore some time now, on the account of its blend of ’80s nostalgia, vintage synths, and classic computing has always looked nothing short of incredible. An aesthetic or style that grabbed me from day one of its original crowdfunding campaign back in 2017. Fast forward to 2021 (VHS-remote style) and the full game is now available.

And playable on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. Where, it’s also available to play on Xbox Game Pass.

A snippet from our review.

The Tron-like ‘going inside the computer’ descriptor is probably the best way to sum up Narita Boy’s premise, a character-driven tale about the Creator of a new computer and console system called the Narita One that has been lost or consumed by its bits and bytes. As Narita Boy, a human who takes on the mantle of mythical hero inside the computer, you’re tasked with stopping the menacing HIM and all manner of rogue bits of code upsetting the balance.

For those well versed in all things ‘80s computing then it’s the sort of premise that will in some way feel familiar. And with fictional characters, fictional hardware, and an entirely fictional game and hero in the form of Narita Boy, there’s as much of an ‘80s movie vibe here as there is one all about vintage computing.

Our Full Narita Boy Review

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