Fans of the NBA 2K League teams can now get their hands on special new controllers to celebrate the league. Thanks to Scuf Gaming, a total 21 themed 2K League controllers are on the way inspired by the league’s teams. They’ll be specifically for PlayStation 4 or PC use, and carry an array of color schemes or themes to choose from. They’ll also bring a much higher price tag than the standard controller does, but for good reason.

Scuf Gaming controllers inspired by NBA 2K League teams

As the 2K League season rolls on, teams are still trying to grind out wins. On Friday (June 21), Scuf Gaming announced that they were unveiling SCUF Vantage controllers based on NBA 2K League teams. The players on the teams themselves got an early look and hands-on feel for the new accessories. So far, they seem to be fully on-board. The general public will get their hands on them with customizations and special team kits, soon.

Each of these new controllers features one of the team’s colors and logos. In addition, the controllers come with customizable features to help gamers take their level of play to the next level. Improved “performance and comfort” are the main selling points, along with celebrating that particular 2K League squad.

Scuf Gaming and 2K League showed off images of the new controllers on Friday along with the big news.

A major selling point in terms of the customizable options is that each gamer can set up the controller based on what works best for their hands. These Scuf Vantage controllers allow for different trigger covers, rings, and domed or concave thumbsticks, among other options. A better fit, feel, and grip brings about better gaming for many people.

Squads react to the new Vantage controllers

In addition to the photos, a special reveal video clocking in at just over two minutes shows off the new controllers in all their colorful and stylish glory. Various players from the NBA 2K League teams are also part of the video promotion as they get their first look at the controllers based on their teams.

Among them are the Lakers 2K team, Heat Check Gaming, and Celtics squads. Needless to say, the reactions are overwhelmingly in favor of the sweet new designs and most players are ready to start using these in competition.

Scuf Gaming is an official partner of the NBA 2K League and its teams. The new controllers are available to the general public for a starting price of just $199.95 in the United States and Canada. The NBA 2K League teams’ faceplate kits cost an extra $29.95 and will begin selling as of next week.

It’s definitely a cool way to celebrate the style and competition that the NBA 2K League teams are bringing this season. Additionally, there’s that comfort and performance factor that most gamers will want to enjoy along with NBA 2K19, NBA 2K20, or whichever games they prefer on PS4 and PC.

The 2K League teams are involved in tournaments like The TURN, The TIPOFF, and weekly matchups. Using these stylish and customizable controllers could certainly give them extra advantages in those competitions. At the very least, they’ll look cool using them.

See all of the 2K League team-inspired controllers here at Scuf Gaming.

Get more of the latest NBA 2K news at VGR.

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