Nintendo sold 8.7 million Switch consoles in the United States to date (as of Nov. 2018). The console is selling faster than the Xbox One and the PS4. The success story is set to continue in 2019 supported by an expected upgraded Nintendo Switch console. Rumors initially shared by the Wall Street Journal back in October suggest that Nintendo is making the Switch a better mobile gaming console.

The new 2019 Nintendo Switch is supposed to get a better screen and longer battery life. If you just got a new Nintendo Switch this is bittersweet news. If its already time for an upgrade of the Nintendo Switch in 2019 is not set in stone. The release date of the Switch is March 2017, which is less than 2 years ago.

Nintendo can easily sail through 2019 with the release of limited edition Nintendo Switch consoles like they did in 2018 to keep pushing hardware sales. All of the Nintendo Switch bundles and limited editions have sold out. Even if Nintendo releases a new version of the Switch in 2019, the current hardware would likely stick around. The new Switch might be released as a Nintendo Switch Pro, similar to how Sony and Microsoft are selling two consoles in their current video game console generation.

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