PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ newest patch for the Xbox One version is scheduled to be released tomorrow for the console players.

The latest update on the status of the next patch comes from Nico Bihary, an executive producer with Microsoft who’s been providing continuous updates on the Xbox One version of PUBG. Bihary confirmed on Twitter that the release of the next Xbox One patch is imminent as the internal testing being wrapped up. The producer added that this patch isn’t one of the larger ones that players will receive, so PUBG owners on the console shouldn’t expect too many changes to be included, though bugfixes and optimizations will hopefully make up a fair bit of the patch.

News that the patch would be coming soon comes shortly after Bihary tweeted last week and said that the latest update had passed Microsoft’s certification process. He confirmed that “Patch 11” was certified at the time and said that they’d continued testing the patch internally for a while before it was released.

Despite knowing when the patch will be released for Xbox One players, it’s still unknown what all will be included in the update. The patch notes should be released sometime tomorrow along with the patch to detail what all the update changes, but several responders who replied to Bihary’s latest tweet weren’t thrilled at the “hype” that they said the first tweet built. The responses seem to be torn between those who criticized the supposed building-up of the hype and others who said they just wanted the game to run better – which sounds like the point of a bugfixing patch like Patch 11 – so it appears that players either aren’t sure what they want or instead want everything at the same time.

The next patch will be released tomorrow, so check back with the PUBG Twitter account or Bihary’s personal account to see the patch notes as soon as they’re available.

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