With The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered right around the corner, Naughty Dog decided to tease players with the new trophies part of the new No Return game mode. There will be 13 in total, and will range from completing the mode with a specific rank to completing a run with all characters.

On Twitter, the California developer revealed the trophies, though, it was made clear if you’re keen on platinuming the game, you won’t be beholden to the roguelike game mode. Reading the descriptions of each of these new trophies, we can certainly see how it might sour some people’s plat runs, as some of them might be a bit too tedious for average players with a platinum hunter kick.

Outside of No Return, though, there are other modes that deserve a little spotlight, like Lost Levels and Guitar Free Play, which, as the name suggests, lets you strum away on a guitar — or banjo — to your heart’s content.

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