PlayStation Underground has published a new video, showcasing 15 minutes of NieR Replicant gameplay, focusing on an intense boss fight and combat improvements. A Square Enix representative joined the crew with all the details, which you can check out below.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Square Enix wrote that NieR Replicant‘s overhauled combat will feel more “snappy, refined, and fluid.” Those who’ve played NieR Automata will be familiar with the changes.

“In battle, you’ll be able to use combos, by mixing your light and heavy attacks,” wrote the publisher. “There is also active dodge, counters, and parrying, which will help you stagger enemies and make them more susceptible to damage. Try mixing these tactics to find your favorite style to dispatch Shades.”

One main feature that sets NieR Replicant apart from NieR Automata is the ability to use magic. As Square Enix puts it:

Grimoire Weiss, a magical tome who joins your team, gradually unlocks Sealed Verses (aka powerful and flashy magic spells) as you progress. While not only providing great banter, he also helps in battle with a variety of ranged combat options, which are especially helpful while you’re busy dodging crazy, bullet-hell-esque attacks. Skills like Dark Lance help knock down enemies, so you can close in and finish them with physical attacks. Sealed Verses use up your magic gauge, but spells like Dark Blast don’t deplete your gauge as quickly as it refills itself, so you can use it in extended bursts to keep you safe from enemy projectiles. You can have two magic abilities equipped at once, so don’t be afraid to mix and match to find your ideal combat style. 

NieR Replicant will release on April 23rd.

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