Among video game controllers, the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons are commonly regarded these days as the frailest. It’s had issues with drifting, which re-emerged again last week. It turns out that someone in the US has had enough of that. Game Informer reports that he has filed a suit against Nintendo because of it.


The man in question, Ryan Diaz, claims that the problem becomes unfixable after a certain period of time. Diaz then opted for a warranty claim, only for the problem to return a few months later. Beyond the first fix, Nintendo charges for the repair, which led Diaz to get a new set of Joy-Cons instead.

Diaz filed the suit in the US District Court in Seattle, Washington. Under the suit, he alleges that Nintendo is aware of the issue with its Joy-Cons but has not warned customers of the fact. And he may have a point, especially considering the issue isn’t exactly a new one. It also doesn’t help that a teardown suggested that defects caused by wear and tear appeared too soon.

But that being said, it’s unlikely that there’s a case to be had. GameDaily spoke to a couple of lawyers who have said that the problem has been blown out of proportion by social media. Another reason is that it’s difficult to prove if the Joy-Cons’ design that’s faulty.

(Source: GameDaily via Game Informer)

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