A new leak appears to confirm that a new Nintendo Switch Mini is coming soon.

Previous reports said Nintendo is working on new Switch models. The reports, coming from reputed sources, said the one of these is a smaller, more portable version of the current Switch console available in the market. This smaller version is rumored to become the successor of Nintendo’s popular kid-friendly gaming handheld, the Nintendo 3DS.

Those reports were seemingly confirmed by a later report that said a Chinese accessory maker named HonSon was selling accessories and protective cases reportedly for the rumored Switch Mini handheld. The accessories, which included EVA carry cases, tempered glass screen protectors, and a mini portable charger, are all meant for the rumored gaming system.

Now, a new leak seems to add further confirmation that a Switch Mini is in the works.

A new leak

According to GoNintendo, an accessory maker from the U.K. named BigBen has created a silicone case for the Nintendo Switch Mini. The accessory, first spotted by German speaking site WinFuture, is a “Silicone Glove” placed inside a box that has the label “Mini SWITCH.2” located on the lower right corner of the box’s front side.

The German site also published what appears to be a render showing how the rumored device looks like when placed inside the alleged silicone glove. The rendered image, which shows where the buttons and joysticks are located, looks very similar to the renders leaked via the HonSon report.

Is this believable?

GoNintendo noted that the earlier report, which was based on the Chinese retailer’s listings, didn’t “feel” like it was “legit” as the accessorues were based on “secret information.” Some people even refuted the Chinese retailer’s listings, saying that the rendered images looked like they were based on an “old mockup” that already made its rounds on the internet.

The new leak, however, feels “a bit more trustworthy” as it came from a well-known accessory publisher in the U.K.

Still, this is unconfirmed as Nintendo hasn’t said anything about the rumored device yet. The company hasn’t confirmed or denied its existence; instead, the company said it is always working on something new, and will announce items when the company is ready to release them.

Nintendo Switch The new Nintendo Switch game console is displayed at a pop-up Nintendo venue in Madison Square Park in New York City, March 3, 2017. Photo: Getty Images/Drew Angerer

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