RUMOUR has it that the price of the Nintendo Switch is set to drop as early as next week.

This tip from a Twitter leaker suggests that smart shoppers are looking for early Christmas gaming discounts.

Nintendo Switch


Nintendo SwitchCredit: Nintendo

French tipster account Nintend’ Alerts says that the original Nintendo Switch model is in for a price cut starting next week.

According to them, the console is set to drop from its current price of €329 in Europe down to €270.

That €60 saving works out to a discount of around 20% – given that the console has consistently held its price since launch, that’s a pretty good deal.

The cheapest we’ve seen a brand new Nintendo Switch console drop down to on Amazon is around £265.

It usually sits at £300, and thanks to demand – and the ongoing global chip shortage – it doesn’t have to deviate too much in order sell.

Although the leak is Euro-centric in nature, it’s likely that prices for tech hardware will drop before new products are launched.

In fact, right now you can pick up the Nintendo Switch launch model on Amazon for £279.99.

You might be able to wait for a few weeks to see if there are any price cuts.

Our roundup of Nintendo Switch deals covers both the OG and the Nintendo Switch Lite models.

The console will be more difficult to find as we get closer to the holiday season.

The Nintendo Switch OLED is on the horizon so there are plenty of options to make you happy.

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