When theNintendo Switch was launched in 2017, the console debuted to a very strong start. The console was sold out at many retailers, and people had difficulty finding stock throughout the year. The Switch was the best-selling console of 2018, and its popularity has remained high into 2019.

In an interview, one analyst said that he expects the Switch’s strong success to carry on for several years yet. Atsushi Hosokawa, the founder of industry analysis firm Media Create, said that the Switch is finding success across all demographics. This is a big positive for the console’s long-term success, explained the analyst, as only the Nintendo DS product line has been able to do this so far. Hosokawa also revealed, “We expect [the Nintendo Switch] life-cycle to be seven years,” which would mean that Nintendo would discontinue the console in 2024.

Hosokawa’s confidence in the console comes after Nintendo lowered its Switch sales expectations. While the company had initially set a target of 20 million units sold by the end of the financial year (March 31), it decreased this to 17 million units. Hosokawa expects Nintendo to sell more than that. Strong sales performances of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and the Let’s Go Pokemon games will still be helping Nintendo shift units this side of the holiday season.

Nintendo drops Switch sales forecast

Some will also wonder how many units Nintendo can sell in the next financial year. Although Metroid Prime 4 has seemingly been delayed because of a development reboot, there are lots of other Switch exclusive games on the release calendar.

Bayonetta 3 could send gamers rushing to stores to pick up the console, as could Yoshi’s Crafted World which launches on March 29, just two days before the fiscal year concludes. Also releasing for the Switch this year (with no confirmed release date) is a new Animal Crossing, as well as the two mainline Pokemon RPGs Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Analysts have speculated that Nintendo will release a “Nintendo Switch Mini” in 2019, too. This smaller console may just feature the tablet component of the console, without the dock that allows gameplay to be displayed on televisions. The Mini is also expected to be much more affordable and more lightweight than the original version of the Nintendo Switch, which are two very desirable features. Projections for continued success of the Switch remain high, and it seems like Nintendo will be doing everything it can to keep it that way.

Source: Bloomberg

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