Volvo is using video games to make self-driving cars safer

Video games are good for more than your reflexes or hand-eye coordination. If you ask Volvo, they’re also really good at making cars a whole lot safer. Especially self-driving cars, that promise of the future that’s seemingly been around the corner for decades. Volvo has developed it’s own driving simulator, built using the latest gaming technology, to test and train its AI to ensure that it can handle more scenarios than could be constructed in reality.

The company is using a full-motion driving seat, a gaming steering wheel with haptic feedback, a VR headset and the whole simulation is built out of Unity, a game engine that’s been used to create some amazing games like Hollow Knight and Cuphead. Honestly, it’s just cool to see different industries melding together to improve one another. Hopefully, it helps make those self-driving cars all the safer.

Source: TNW

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