“Boss, Rebuild your Legion and win the war against the Werewolf guild!”

YEOK-SAM, SEOUL, KOREA, March 8, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Developer Theremin Interactive releases Legion of Judgment: Fallen Angel in Q2 2024

A new trailer has been released to announce Steam, Playstation (other consoles are TBA).

Watch the new trailer on YOUTUBE

The new trailer can be downloaded here.

“Legion of Judgment: Fallen Angel” is an RPG Metroidvania game featuring realistic graphics using Unreal 5 and stylish combat elements using swords against enemies using automatic machines. Explore forgotten memories to become stronger, manage a hotel in real life and rebuild a powerful army capable of winning the Werewolf Alliance.

You are legion. And you are their boss.

Legion of Judgment: Fallen Angel lets you explore deeply across interconnected maps, moving between the real (banks, opera houses, mega buildings, etc.) and the unreal (memory palaces, lava, cemeteries, etc.) You can gradually increase the area of exploration by acquiring abilities.

Progress through the story and join new allies through real-world missions to rebuild your legion and win the war against the Werewolf Alliance.

You can wishlist Legion of Judgment: Fallen Angel here.

Legion of Judgment: Fallen Angel+ will be available on Steam, Epic games and Playstation in 2024.

– Main features
: Lead the werewolf union and lonely war to victory.
: Find new powers and expand your exploration in an action-packed exploration RPG.
: Recover the protagonist’s lost memories and become more powerful.
: Experience various realistic missions such as banks, opera houses, transport ships, abandoned factories, and cruise ships.
: Manage and develop the hotel to gather members of many legions.


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Legion of Judgment: Fallen Angel Playstation Announce Trailer

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