Nintendo’s Game Builder Garage will keep the children entertained and help them learn. And you can work peacefully.

Nintendo’s Game Builder Garage, News update, for children
Now build games for your Switch. Nintendo’s Game Builder Garage help Kids learn to make games

With children on summer vacation and stuck at home because of the lockdown, Entertainment without interrupting the working parents becomes challenging. Nintendo will help entertain these kids and teach a thing or two about building games. 

In Nintendo’s Game Builder Garage, Players are presented with a colourful layout or canvas. The players have to start making the game with basic steps such as character design to character movements. The Garage starts with basic building blocks for making a game, slowly advancing to complex mechanics.

Watch the introduction video below for a glimpse at Nintendo’s Game Builder Garage.

According to the teaser, children/players can create textures, add background music and other interactive functions to their game. Nintendo has also pointed out that, Players can share their creation with other players via codes. Ans multiple players can also team up together and work collectively on a single project.

The Nintendo’s Game Builder Garage will be available as an education tool on Nintendo’s Switch from June 11 at $30 in the USA. Nintendo will also offer learning courses for children who want to learn from their experts at Nintendo. 

It is good to see companies trying to making the most out of this pandemic. And companies like Nintendo trying to help educate children while being entertained. There is nothing more entertaining to a child than seeing their imagination take shape.

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