Over 46 per cent of mobile games developers have cited immersive in-game advertising as a key new monetisation platform.

As discovered in a new survey from InGamePlay brand ads platform AdInMo, in conjunction with Pocket Gamer, the new monetisation channel will prove to be an important opportunity for mobile game devs in 2021.

However, as the results show, the most popular forms of monetisation are still in-app purchases and in-game advertising with 65.8 per cent and 53.8 per cent of developers using the methods, respectively.

Looking to next year, it is expected that dynamic in-game ads will see the most growth. Currently, at 33 per cent and 40 per cent, interstitials and rewarded videos are the most popular in-game ad formats.

Embracing new methods

Furthermore, according to the survey, 26.7 per cent of mobile games developers are planning to trial in-game dynamic advertising within the next six months. Moreover, hypercasual and casual studios are leading this trend as 62 per cent plan to use new ad formats in 2021.

“If gamers can’t or won’t actively spend on in-game content, advertising is the best method of generating revenue,” said AdInMo CEO Kristan Rivers.

“Developers clearly hate having to interrupt the player experience or worse force players to leave the game. InGamePlay brand ads are click-free and allow developers to earn new revenues, advertisers to engage new mobile audiences and most importantly, players to carry on playing.”

You can learn more about the new rules of in-game advertising at our PG.biz RoundTable event, taking place this Thursday, in association with AdInmo. It’s free to join, so get signed up right here.

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