Overkill’s The Walking Dead just got a new patch that will fix some of the game’s issues including trading cards and achievements.

Overkill's The Walking Dead,NoobFeed,

Patch 1.2.1 will fix the following:

Trading Cards and Achievements

Fixed an issue in which some achievements (Overkilling it, Gear Up, and Resourceful) would not correctly track achievement progress

Gameplay and Other

Fixed an issue where client players would not be able to successfully melee attack walkers in one section of ‘Join or Die’

Fixed an issue causing a sequence glitch due to a vaulting prompt in ‘Join or Die’

Fixed an issue in which the Camp supply rewards at the end of a successful mission were not properly calculated when upkeep was also deducted

Overkill’s The Walking Dead launches on Xbox One and PS4 this February and is now available on PC. Check out our review here.

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