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Patrick Hill, 22, died in hospital on 13 February

A man stabbed another man to death with a fishing knife in a row over a stolen PlayStation.

Patrick Hill died three days after he was attacked inside a flat in Albany Court, Coventry, on 10 February.

Levi Whitmore-Wills, 18, admitted striking the first blow in a struggle but said he held the knife just to get Mr Hill to leave the flat.

He pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the first day of his murder trial and will be sentenced on Tuesday.

Prosecutor Annabel Darlow QC said 23-year-old Mr Hill had been out drinking with his brother James Hill on the night of his death.

The pair had gone into a friend’s home and stolen clothes, aftershave and a PlayStation with the intention of selling it to buy cocaine, Ms Darlow told the court.

The brothers then met Whitmore-Wills, from Brinklow, Warwickshire, in the street and he agreed to buy the PlayStation but had to get his bank card from his girlfriend’s flat in Albany Court.

Ms Darlow said they all went into the flat but Whitmore-Wills could not find the card and the situation began to turn sour.

Stabbing victims in 2019

More than one hundred people have been fatally stabbed in the UK so far this year. The motives and circumstances behind killings have varied – as have the age and gender of the victims.

Whitmore-Wills is said to have “headbutted” Mr Hill to the face “out of the blue” and was “offered a fight outside”.

Instead, Ms Darlow told the court that Whitmore-Wills armed himself with a knife and held it by his side as “he did not want any trouble, but wanted the brothers to leave.”

She added: “James Hill turned to leave the flat and walk away. He expected his brother to follow.

“When he ran out he was holding his chest with both hands and said he had been stabbed.”

Ms Darlow said neither the brother or Whitmore-Wills’ girlfriend saw the stabbing, but Whitmore-Wills said Mr Hill had gone for him so “I had to go for him.”

Mr Hill collapsed outside the flat and “never regained consciousness”.

Defence barrister Rachel Brown QC said Whitmore-Wills had been placed into care at the age of eight after his mother suffered a child bereavement and then she developed a problem with drugs.

Speaking about the night of the stabbing, Ms Brown said Whitmore-Wills girlfriend made it clear to police he did not carry knives. This knife was in the flat.

Whitmore-Wills denied there was a headbutt, but admits punching Mr Hill and striking the first blow.

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