PC versus console gaming is a topic that has been largely debated by gamers all over the world. While both have good arguments, everything has its ups and downs, and the two gaming options are not exempted from it.


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Gaming with PC


Gaming PCs have an advantage when it comes to upgradeability. This can be a selling point for people who want to cut their costs and gradually spend on their setup little by little. For instance, I started off with an integrated GPU before I bought a 3090 ti.

With the same feature, you can also rely on your PC for many years to come. When new games are released that require a lot more power, you can just save up and upgrade, which also brings us to another pro, which is backward compatibility.

With a PC, you can enjoy games matter how old they are since it can still support them. If the ability to play old or vintage games factors into the debate, the PC will surely win the argument, which brings us to another point.

The availability of games on PC should also be considered. For example, famous titles like Valorant or CS:GO can only be played on PC, as pointed out by ScreenRant, while most console games are also available through Steam.


PCs are more complicated than consoles since you’ll have to learn how to build them as well as exchange components, which will become important once you want to start upgrading to have a better overall gaming experience.

It can also be more expensive once the upgrades start piling up. You can get a PS5 for $500, while a PC can cost you twice or even thrice as much. Depending on how good you want the quality of your gameplay to be, it’ll cost you thousands of dollars in the long run.

There’s also the issue of other system functions that can slow your PC down. Since PCs are not exclusively for gaming, some of their functions can interfere with gaming, especially if you decide not to splurge so much on your setup.

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Gaming with Console


Since a gaming console is made specifically for gaming, you can rely on the quality of your experience without experiencing issues with lag or display quality. Some would argue that they had a smoother experience with consoles than they did with PCs.

It’s also cheaper to buy a console if you’re only buying a device for gaming. You won’t have to worry about which processor or GPU to choose and install since all that has already been done for you. If convenience is a factor, the console wins.

It also takes way less space than a PC. If you don’t add the TV into consideration, then an Xbox or PlayStation console can easily be placed on a shelf. In terms of games, you’ll also have access to game exclusives that you won’t be able to play on PCs, as mentioned in Game Designing.


Of course, if you choose to play on a console, you won’t have access to PC-exclusive games, so video game titles that you want to try out play a huge part in the decision. There’s also the issue of game compatibility.

With a PC, you can play games that have been released decades ago. As for consoles, unless a game has been remastered, then you’re out of luck. You’ll get a few good years out of it, but when new systems are launched, you’ll have to buy the latest console to play the latest games.

Yes, some of the new games are still developed to be compatible with old systems, kind of like new releases now that are still made for the PS4. But that won’t last very long. Soon, you’ll have to face that your console will become out of date. 

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