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Bring the arcade experience to your Nintendo Switch™ with PixelQuest Arcade Kit from Nyko. PixelQuest Arcade Kit is a buildable model of a traditional arcade cabinet. It houses the Nintendo Switch and both Joy-Con™ controllers providing 2-player gameplay with games that utilize a single Joy-Con. Two custom fit arcade sticks attach to the top of the Joy-Con analog sticks providing authentic arcade play. The mechanical button remapping enables the shoulder buttons of the Joy-Con to be pressed just like traditional arcade buttons. A cutout where the console sit in the cabinet allows a charging cable to be plugged in and keep the battery charged during long gaming sessions. Included in the kit is a set of sticker sheets featuring various colors allowing the cabinet to be decorated and personalized.


  • Buildable arcade cabinet with sticker sheets for customization
  • Mechanical button remapping for shoulder buttons on the Joy-Con
  • Includes two arcade sticks that attach to the top of Joy-Con analog sticks
  • Cutout allows for a charging cable to be plugged into the console
  • Cutouts for ventilation for the console
  • Includes 8 sheets of constructable pieces

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