With a recent software update, PlayStation has reportedly fixed an issue which would have eventually bricked PlayStation 4s.

As outlined by YouTube Channel Modern Vintage Gamer, PlayStation 4s running on older software required either connection to the PlayStation Network (PSN) or a functioning CMOS battery in order to run its games. The battery is used to verify the system’s internal clock.

Why this is important is because PlayStation had set up a system to prevent players from claiming they earned trophies on an earlier date than they had. The PSN connectivity synchronizes the trophies without needing the battery.

The issue arises if the battery is dead and PSN has been shut down. At that point, players will no longer be able to play their games, even physical, as an error occurs. While not an issue currently, there may be a time in the future where PlayStation decides to shut down the PSN.

The new firmware update 9.0.0 has seemingly addressed this issue, with Modern Vintage Gamer playing games on a PlayStation 4 with no CMOS battery and internet connection. Trophy data, however, was not able to be accessed.

This update ensures that the PlayStation 4 will still be usable when the CMOS battery dies and PlayStation has closed the PlayStation Network.

Check out their full analysis below:

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