As the worlds of gaming and synthwave music continue to collide, PlayStation 4 has received a dynamic themes bundle which features a number of different scenes; all of which are deliciously 80s.

The musical genre of synthwave was popularized within the gaming community through titles such as Hotline Miami. The style takes influence from the synthesizer-heavy movie soundtracks of the 1980s but often adds a gritty overtone throughout.

Sythwave A/B Complete Dynamic Theme Bundle features a number of scenes which alter accordingly to coincide with the users’ musical choices. Music can be added through the use of USB devices or streaming services. The theme is set to 120 BPM and comes with a four-minute sample track.

There are 12 dynamic themes available as part of the bundle, each sport their own personalities and atmospheres. These are broken down into two categories simply referred to as Side A and Side B. Side A focuses on high-intensity visuals while Side B concentrates on low-intensity visuals.

Once active, the theme runs through a number of different scenes displaying a horizon of neon colors, buildings comprised of soundwaves, and space-crafts entering wormholes.

Synthwave A/B Complete Dynamic Theme Bundle is available now for PlayStation 4 through the console’s North American online store. You can check out the showcase video below to see the themes in action.

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