As much as I dislike stoking the flames of console wars, it’s hard not to make comparisons when it appears PlayStation is treating us to one of the biggest RPGs of the year for free. That’s right, free.

PlayStation gets a bad rap, mainly because of how questionable its PS Plus service has been of late. However, despite the glaringly obvious issues, Sony seems to treat its consumers to a greater array of delights than Microsoft does.

Prepare yourselves for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s launch by watching its stunning trailer

There’s a lot to process already, yet Square Enix is hinting that the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo could be dropping later this week, meaning PS fans get access to one of the most exciting new games of the year thus far.

Despite already having a State of Play, PlayStation is coming back on 6 February with another completely dedicated to the new Final Fantasy game. Consequently, it seems the board is set for gamers to get their hands on a game without initially paying for it – a bit like how Silent Hill: The Short Message was unexpectedly released for free.

We already know that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is going to be a massive game due to its enormous file size alone. That, partnered with the hype surrounding it, means that the upcoming title is difficult to ignore, even if you’re not a PS player.

Currently, no announcement has been made that a free demo will be available. Nevertheless, seeing as Square Enix has released demos for Final Fantasy games in the past, it seems likely that the publisher will do the same again with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will launch on 29 February, with its special State of Play airing 6 Feb.

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