The PlayStation Showcase is just a few hours away, and the frenzy of this event has rightfully caught up with the fans. This is going to be the Biggest PlayStation Showcase since the PlayStation 5 launch. Fans expect updates on titles like God of War, Horizon Forbidden West, and Deathloop, and they also expect some surprises from this event.


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This event is more exciting because Sony has not yet been clear with its announcements at its State Of Play and Gamescom showcases.

The event is scheduled for Friday, 9th September. Below are the details about the event’s start time, where to stream, rumors and expectations.


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PlayStation 2021 event start time

The PlayStation Showcase is scheduled at 4 pm EST on September 9, 2021. The presentation will last for 40 minutes, as mentioned in the PlayStation Blog. The showcase will also feature some third-party studios and games, and we might get more in-depth updates for the same.

Where to watch?

The live stream for this event will be available on PlayStation’s official YouTube and Twitch channel. Certain streamers might also live stream the event on their channels and react to it, so that leaves users with plenty of options to choose from.

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Rumors and Expectations

There isn’t anything specific mentioned by Sony in its official PlayStation blog, apart from the fact that the presentation will be for 40 minutes and will include updates from PS Studios and other developers. However, this did not stop the fans from speculating on the updates and finding rumors surrounding this event. They never know, their speculation might turn out to be true!

God of War Sequel Trailer

It is almost probable that the God of War 2 trailer will be the main attraction of this showcase event. The game has been postponed till 2022 from its original release date of this year.


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Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 was confirmed to be arriving on the PS4 and PS5 in June. Since this showcase will also involve first-party studios, we may see a Gran Turismo 7 update. So far, we’ve seen snatches of gameplay from several generic PlayStation trailers.


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One thing fans shouldn’t expect though is to see it next-gen VR. Sony has confirmed that it. But the showcase event still has a lot to offer, and everyone’s thrilled with the updates it promises to bring.


PlayStation Showcase 2021: All the Exciting Leaks and Predictions you Should
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